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The All Star Game is back in Salt Lake City

Let’s get you setup with all of the weekend’s best entertainment, inside & outside of the arena. 
I believe a little recap of the last time the All Star Game was in town. As a Gen X man, attending West High School, which is just a few blocks from the arena, at that time the arena was called the Delta Center. New owners; Ryan Smith & Dwane Wade agreed a little nostalgia is in order this time around. (see video)
Let me set the scene for you. The year was 1993, and Utah Jazz had a power house team on the rise in the West, but the Chicago Bulls were fresh of the second championship against the Phoenix Suns. Utah was trying to make a statement with the move from the Salt Palace to the new Delta Center. As I mentioned before I went to the West High School, two blocks from the on going construction. Everyday I would get off the bus and I could see the cranes were towering over the cloud of dust, as the monumental cube slowly began to rise.
I was just a Sophomore my History teacher Mr. Haliburton, always had the daily newspaper. I would steal the Sports section to check all the NBA daily games stats. Yes, I said news paper, this was definitely before the Internet. I could see how the Karl Malone and John Stockton lead Jazz, were making the NBA sweat, but we were still trying to make their mark as a real contender. The new arena was the symbol and the 1993 All Star Game was the time to make that statement. In an all most fairy tale weekend, the hometown heroes took the spot light as co MVP’s. 
This year we are looking for the same fairy tale type vibes. However, we might not have the same power house team. Yet we can create the same magical vibes. Let’s give the NBA fans all over the world a week they will never forget. 

Now let's get into all the events
2023 NBA All Star Weekend

All Star Weekend

More Events to be announced.

Weekend Events Lineup

All Star Celebrity Game

  • Huntsman Center 4:30 PM

NBA All Stars Rising Stars

  • Vivint Arena 6:30 PM

2023 NBA All Star Practice

  • Huntsman Center 10:30 AM

NBA HBCU Classic

  • Huntsman Center 2:00 PM

2023 NBA All Saturday Night

  • Vivint Arena TBD

NBA G League Next Gen Game

  • Huntsman Center 1:00 PM

2023 NBA All Star Game

  • Vivint Arena 7:00 PM

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2023 NBA All Star Weekend
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