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Here's Your REMEDY!

I’m sure you have seen all the latest B and C budget movies that have been released on all the various platforms. Guess what, they will be there when you get back. That’s kinda how it works, stream anytime and anywhere you want. 
Now, we have FOMO part worked out. What are you waiting for?  I’m sure that couch is really comfortable, but it will be there too. So, what have you been just itching to do? The world awaits you, and so are your friends.
The part about being uncertain due to health concerns, is mostly over. If not there are ways to prepare and ensure a safe outing with family and friends.
So what’s your hesitation? The family dinners that end up as raging house parties, are a little awkward with grandma and the kids in the next room. I’m sure they don’t mind the thumping base until 2 or 3 in the morning. 
Now, I’m not one to judge. The epidemic turned our entire lives upside down. Which amplified every moment we had with our family and friends. For example, I had my first drink with my mom and I’m 44. Well, I drank and she watched. But the point is, I would have never been so comfortable to do that in front of my mother, because she is very religious. Covid brought us closer, in all types of ways. Not all, I’m proud of, but there is a deeper message here.
Now that we have had time to appreciate all that we have, and relearn what we can through the trials and the blessings that the time for reflection provided us. I know I did learn a few new tricks. I hope you picked up a hobby or something that sparks your interest, besides politics. (sorry I couldn’t help that joke)

Let's give you a different perspective.

There is something happening that I sure we all feel, but may not completely understand. Maybe, that’s not the point, to understand but just be present. In the moment, when everything is changing. I’m sure you have heard the buzz about AI. How does that make you feel? Are you scared, worried, don’t care, or optimistic? Whatever you feel, the point is to be present. You are not alone. Things will work themselves out. However, play your part and control your life. Take the bull by the horns and expand upon your gifts, and share them with the world. It maybe all a little cliche, but nevertheless true.

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The truth is that it’s time to get off the couch and out of your comfort zone. Time to experience the world around us. Our lives are a story that cannot be lived through the phone or TV screen. They must be experienced. The ups and the downs. Move forward, not without caution, but no remorse. I’m talking to you but I’m also talking to myself. I don’t know if you feel exactly the same way as I do, but I believe you share my perspective in one way or another. 
I’m here trying to do my part, and this is it. I mentioned before, I learned a few tricks and I have had a few ups and downs, as well. However, it’s time to share. Share my gifts, my story, and my purpose with the world. I hope you feel compelled to do the same. Because sharing your story, not only digitally but actually, with the people you know and don’t know, is what this thing called life is all about. 
I hope you have been inspired to get off the couch. Get up and call your mom or old friend. Setup that lunch or coffee, business or pleasure. I know the remote working was nice. But with a new year, new goals, comes new perspective. Let us help you with this new chapter, be your guide to new opportunity to learn, grow, and expand your experiences. Try a new music genre, a new restaurant, a new bar, or attraction. Make it your goal, this year, to expand upon your experiences. Might as well bring someone with you.
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